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Klippenstein Hauling offers site cleanup and refuse removal services to Winnipeg and surrounding areas.

Need a Bin?


14-20yd_Bins2 14-20yd_Bins


We can drop off one of our bins on your property:
  • 8 yrd.
  • 14 yrd. roll off
  • 20 yrd. roll off


Bin clean-out rates:
  • We can set up a predefined rate, and you call us when your bin is full.
  • We can charge per clean out. Bin drop charges may apply.

No Bin? No problem!

If your garbage is not in a bin, it’s not a problem!

debris not in bin

We use cranes with grapple attachments that allow us to grab debris and refuse right off the ground. Just make sure all of your refuse is in a pile, and that there is 12 ft of space beside it, so that we can access it.

Types of Refuse

  • Wood waste of all types such as trees, tree branches, fencing, wood sheds, garages, pallets and more
  • Construction materials and renovation debris of all types
  • Organic waste, such as garden refuse and grass clippings
  • Furniture and appliances
  • Shingles of all types

Recyclable Materials

  • Clean wood waste [non-painted dimensional material and pallets]
  • Shingles
  • Organic garden waste
  • Metal of all types
  • Please note that recyclable materials must be in large quantities and separate from all other debris

Preparing for Our Arrival

  • Refuse must be in a pile or in a bin with at least 12 ft of space beside (for access)
  • First time customers must pay when work is complete

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